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The Houlton Humane Society is a benevolent, charitable and social organization whose mission is to prevent cruelty to animals; encourage humane treatment toward animals; to aid, give relief and comfort to lost, strayed, neglected and abandoned animals; and to provide shelter in which care, aid, relief, treatment and temporary food and shelter for suffering, injured, disabled, maimed, diseased, abandoned, neglected or lost animals is given.


What to do when a skunk sprays my dog After being sprayed your dog will probably try to reach a familiar place, which is normally inside your house! If you go to the door, hear a frantic dog, and smell a skunk odor, DO NOT LET THEM IN! If you do, the odor will stick to everything and exponentially complicate the issue. Any windows that are open shut them immediately to reduce the odor from permeating the house.

Let your dog settle down outside while you change into clothes you can throw out. If you have rubber gloves you’ll need them too.

Prior to going outside, you’ll need: Vick’s vapor rub, a leash, washcloth, shampoo supplies, towels, and a flashlight if it’s dark. If it’s winter and you turn the water off inside, don’t forget to turn it on.

Prepare a place to keep the dog. Places, in order of preference are: OUTSIDE (if it’s not too cold), the garage, an unfinished basement, or bathroom. If you’ll be keeping your dog inside, place plastic trash bags where you plan on leashing your dog overnight and move any absorbable material (anything you can’t wipe down) away from the area. Make sure the drinking dish is nearby and you can secure a leashed dog in the location.

If you have the Vick’s, place some under your nose. It will reduce the pungent skunk odor.

Once outside leash the dog and attempt to have your dog not rub against you.

Bath time! Shampooing the dog will remove some of the skunk spray off; however, more baths will occur.
A dog follows its nose, and a skunk aims for the face resulting in skunk odor being heavily concentrated around a dogs face. Use the washcloth to carefully clean the dog’s face.Lots of soap and water is important.

Check the dog very carefully for any scratches or bite marks. Skunks can carry rabies. If you find any bites or scratches, you should call your veterinarian.

You can now continue to remove odor or towel dry the dog until you can obtain odor removal supplies.

If you must bring the dog inside, do not let them touch anything. Keep them leashed until you finish the process.