7 Ways You Can Help Animals in Shelters as Kids

7 Ways You Can Help Animals in Shelters as Kids


Animal shelters are always open for volunteers, and no matter what your age is, you can contribute in any way you can. There are thousands of cats, dogs, and other animals that are abandoned or are in need every month and it is up to us to decide their future. As a kid, if you feel like there is not much that you can do about the animal shelters in your area, here are the ten reasons to contradict you.

Raise awareness

Educate your family members and your friends about the importance of taking care of pet animals. With the increasing numbers of pets, it is difficult to take care of all of them. It is necessary that the pets go through spay and neuter to control the suffering on them.

Take donations

Do the right community service by asking your family members to make the donations instead of giving you presents. This way, you will be helping the dogs and cats get the food and a warm bed to sleep on, which is equally satisfying as a present.

Raise money

Have you ever sold lemonade before? Take the help of your family members to open your own small business of juice or cookies. Let people know that you are doing it for a cause and use the money to help the animal shelters in your area.

Go and volunteer

The animal shelter in your area will definitely need a couple of volunteers all the time to take care of their animals. You can get the job of feeding the animals, cleaning them, or taking them for a walk. Take the help of your parents if you are not confident in handling big dogs on your own.


An effort of adopting from your side will not solve the problems of all the dogs, but at least you can make one animal’s life better. More animals go to the animal shelters than the ones bought from the pet stores. If you can take care of a dog or a cat, choose animal shelter over pet store or breeders.

Donation drive

You can even conduct a donation drive in your school. You can take the help of your teachers to get permission for a donation drive and collect donations from your friends and other students to help an animal shelter near you. Create posters with your friends to let other students know that you are conducting a drive.

Be kind to old ones

Puppies and kittens may be the most preferred pets by many, but even older animals need love and care. Even if they do not play much and sleep more, they still want your attention and love. Older dogs and cats are often ignored and spend the rest of their lives in the shelters. Even if you do not adopt an old pet, visit the shelter to give them the treats and love that they deserve.

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